Dear Readers,

Well..its been almost 10 months since I created this blog to share my travel stories and more importantly explore my love for travel.

Today when I analyze these 10 months, I find myself more mature and experienced because of the my short travel. I also improved my writing style which is more attributed to inspiring comments and feedback from the people with whom I only had a virtual bonding.

So today on the eve of most auspicious festival of India- Dussherra, I would like to thank all of them who showed their support and love towards me and my nascent writings and also wish HAPPY DUSSHERRA from bottom of my heart.

Further, there is also an announcement to be made.

On this auspicious occasion, I would like to launch the new version of my blog – Rediscover Your Dreams. The blog has been now shifted with all its posts, photos, comments etc on a self hosting platform. It’s similar to graduating from school to college wherein you leave the hands parents (i.e. WordPress) and set out to in the world to make a place for yourselves.

The basic outlook of the blog substantially remains akin to older one but some new tweaks here and there has been added. I would request all the bloggers, individual etc following the blog on WordPress to continue their support on the new version too.

The new home of REDISCOVER YOUR DREAMS is: 

@Kaushal Mathpal

You can follow the blog via: